Thursday, January 11, 2007

welcome and please come back soon

Welcome to wsux. The name pretty much says it all. I never checked out other bloggers until w and the main stream media ruined the newspapers and cable news I read and watched everyday. My quest for knowledge, facts and a deeper understanding of the world in which I live drove me to the internet. I found others who thought for themselves and refused to accept pop culture spun talking points as gospel. Crooks and turned me on to Jesus' General, Steve Gilliard, Taylor Marsh, Team Bio, Fire Dog Lake and such. Thanks to all y'all. You opened up my mind every morning and really got me thinking. Problem is though, I thought I could write. Pretty good too, until all y'all showed me what was up. Every time I wanted to chime in and express myself, my ramblings just didn't seem to measure up to the standards you had set. I just wasn't as funny as the General. I couldn't cut right to the chase or distill the argument like Mr. Gilliard or Ms. Marsh. I didn't think I could hang in the blogosphere. Again, w changed all that with his latest attempt at alleged speech Wednesday, January 10, 2007 and motivated me to get started. My first shot at this took me a while, so I'm gonna have to catch y'all later. There's just so much that w sux about, I don't know where to start. I'll sort that out soon enough and be back before you know it. But in the meantime, don't forget: wsux.


the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Don't fret about it, just contribute, get your feet wet, keep exploring. I'm never sure what I contribute, but I try to be funny, and up to date, and offensive, yet fair.
Good luck, you say.
Good luck, I say to you.
But watch out trolling, you never know what you'll pick up and never be able to fumigate.

mr. bigstuff said...

rev jg
thanx for posting a comment. thanx for the advice on trolling. let me know if i got a little out of hand at the generals with anntichrist coulter. i meant no offense. still dont. you mentioned the tri-cities (i'm guessing tennessee) in a post over there earlier. is there a hooters there now? i grew up there and i guess they knew better than to open a hooters when me and the boys were still there.

Dusty said...

I learn more by reading good group blogs, that link to relevant articles than I ever get from the MSM.

The European media also informs me a helluva lot more than the MSM here in America.