Thursday, February 15, 2007

w loses two wars

The calender tells me it's February 15th, 2007. It doesn't seem that long ago that w and his ilk sent the finest fighting force ever known to mankind off to iraq and afghanistan. I know I should say afghanistan and iraq, because we invaded aghanistan first and then of course iraq. But really afghanistan was just an afterthought to w. maybe afterthought is the wrong word here. But what can I replace thought with when w is involved. After.....what? What is the opposite of thought? What is the absence of thought in ones mind? Unconsciousness i would assume. So, afghanistan was just an afterunconsciousness in w's mind. Oops, there I go again. You probably caught it on the first read. I implied w had a mind. Allright, afghanistan was just an afterunconciousness in w's cranial void. Prior to September 11,2001, the ventriloquists that control w were already planning to invade iraq. Why? To create unrest in the middle east and drive gas prices up. Way up. 9-11 gave them the excuse they needed, but first they had to act like they cared about avenging the greatest american disaster since Pearl Harbor. So cheney pulled w's string. w's lips moved and it sounded like he said we would hunt down bin laden and all y'all were either fer us or agin' us. Well as soon as the troops had bin laden in their sites cheney made w call them off. "let's go get them w by god md's over in iraq. tony blair said they's tryin' to nuke us too", w mouthed. cheney's lips didn't move. tricky dick's got that ventriloquist stuff down pat. his lips never move when w "speaks". So now America's finest and bravest are mired in the iraqi desert today, some damn near 4 years later. Way to work w. Nice job. Today i had the unfortunate experience of listening to america's own baghdad bob, tony snow tell a reporter that as anybody who has studied military history knows, plans change when you meet the enemy. Problem is, w and his ilk never studied military history and never put together anything remotely akin to a plan. tony snow needs to take it on back to fox noise and let cheney and his ventriloquist doll w tell their own lies. Lies that have led to more than 3000 american deaths and so many wounds more horrific than we civilians can imagine. Truth would have been the prudent path. The truth is that america was attacked by 14 sunni saudi lunatics. The sunnis far outnumber the shia across the globe. binladen, al-qaeda, and the taliban are sunni. they are much more radical than the shi'ite iranians who feared talibani influence would spread into iran. We could have asked the iranians to help us overthrow the taliban and al-qaeda. It would have been to their advantage. Why did the talibani an al-qaeda scum flee to pakistan and not iran when the shit hit the fan? They knew they were not welcome in iran. The more than 100,000 American troops and billions of dollars spent in iraq could have easily captured bin laden and established an order and government in afghanistan much more stable than what we see in iraq now. So what if saddam hussein is still in power. he was no worse a threat to america than a mafia thugs like john gotti and such. Problem solved and on the way out we could have told iran: We appreciate what little help you gave, but if you keep messing around with those nukes we'll be back for you. That's a promise they would remember. Now we would be able to deal with the iranian nuclear threat in an intelligent manner from a world wide respected positon of strength. w could have guaranteed for his alleged administration a somewhat more favorable historical judgement than his now absolute and without a doubt dead last finish among all the American presidents. Now far behind nixon and hoover, his two closest competitors for the cellar. Instead, here we sit unable to force iraq to abandon its nuclear expansion. We have no diplomatic support or credibility because everything up till now has been based on w's long-exposed lies. We have no military leverage because w's lies to invade iraq and his delusional inablity to recognize the truth of the situation on the ground there have severely weakened the worlds finest fighting force. Instead of following a prudent truthful path that would have guaranteed w a favorable historical review, this fool invades the wrong country, pulls the troops out of the right country and loses two wars in the process. Even that bastion of right wing "logic" and former nixon speech writer Pat Buchanan said today on Joe Scarboroughs show that w has lost both iraq and afghanistan. The man that coined the phrases "my fellow americans" and "the silent majority" now says w has lost two wars. Hell if w would've coached the Indianapolis Colts this year, they would've gone 0-16. Even with Peyton. Even a broke clock gets it right twice a day. w has never gotten anything right. Ever. That makes him dumber than a broke clock. That's how incompetent this fool is. No American president except nixon, with an assist from johnson has lost a war. w has lost two at the same time. The blame here lies wholely and squarely on this illegitimate presidents shoulders. Blame he surely will not accept and look to place on others. The troops are to be wholeheartedly commended for their super human efforts. They obeyed their orders, time and again honoring without question the commitments they made to protect the land we all love. May we please welcome them back very soon. When tomorrow's tomorrow comes and you see that veteran at the bar, buy him a beer or two. Say thanks, but don't ask him how it was because you and I wouldn't understand anyway. We weren't there. When the vet on crutches gets behind you in line at the grocery store to check out, let him in front of you. He earned it. They all did but they were betrayed by the lies, incompetence, and corruption of the bush alleged administration. Of all the sins of w and his ilk this is the worst.